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The metro stations, mostly underground, are characterized as being a long and narrow space with very low luminosity.

Here the teleindicators should always generate their own light, but without blinding, so that an appropriate solution is the use of LEDs.

Usually a tricolor array LED technology will be chosen because it allows the construction of graphic panels.

These graphic panels can display information in green, yellow and red. Using a matrix technology simplifies the electronics, because the LEDs in matrix share the same control lines.

Simplifying the electronics stands for a moderate manufacturing cost. Within the group of matrix LEDs there are different colours and luminosities available.

We use LED arrays with transparent resins which we complement with an ochre methacrylate front treated by sandblasting. May optionally be polycarbonate.



Train stations differ from metro stations in that they are usually above the ground, implying a high brightness during the day and low during the night.

In this case the use of an array LED technology is not advisable, but rather the mounting of individual LEDs. These require more complex electronics, as it is necessary to control each one of the LEDs and to autoregulate the light.

We normally assemble 3 mm. LEDs with an angle of 120 degrees and a separation of 10 mm between centres. We also use oval LEDs separated 15mm.

Our electronics regulate the intensity of each LED, compensating temperature. The result is that all the LEDs in one panel have the same brightness despite small deviations from one LED characteristics to another.