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Town Halls and Public Institutions often the need to inform the public of events or recommendations.

Traditionally the event announcement was made by using banners and posters. A high luminosity LEDs teleindicator for outdoors allows real-time reporting of any information or news to be conveyed.

from a control center, several teleindicators can be made to work in coordination. Communication with them can be done by mobile phone.


In today's world, good information is synonymous of quality. Therefore, the teleindicator is suitable for use on beaches, where you can give real-time temperature, water temperature, hour, presence of jellyfish or other hazards, water visibility, solar radiation, ….

The teleindicator for this application can either be a graph or a synoptic with a fixed part and an alphanumeric part.


Teleindicating can be an effective way to define which line a particular bus is covering. The driver can easily change the front information.

But also inside the transport, a teleindicator system can inform the users of the public service about the next stop, because the teleindicator may contain a GPS that allows to know where on the route it is.

In the shelters, a teleindicator can inform of the scheduled time for the next bus.