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In airports, train stations, buses, subways, ... it is necessary to give travelers information about routes and schedules.

For this the teleindicators are a suitable solution as they allow, thanks to their size, clear information that can be read without difficulty from great distances.

We have the ability to custom build teleindicators, faithfully adapting to the specifications of any project.

We build the mechanical part, electronics and the applications embedded with protocols. We deliver the teleindicators ready to install and along with routines and libraries to facilitate their management.

We can also develop software taht automatically, from a database or the orders of an operator, displays the information to the travellers.


The airports usually have large open rooms in which is necessary to show the passengers the specific information of their flights, checking counter, boarding gate, schedules, destinations, luggage conveyor belts …

Here, the multiline alphanumeric panels are necessary to give all that information. A good option are the transflective LCD teleindicators.

The crystals that we incorporate into our teleindicators are European and, unlike other solutions offered by our competitors that use crystals from Asia, provide an excellent sharpness and presentation quality.

The crystals can be custom made, whether of segments or arrays. Usually characters may be shown in yellow or white.

The crystals have a low consumption, which avoids the generation of heat and gives the device an outstanding longevity. This allows us to give a guarantee of 10 years on any defect or failure.

The physical communication protocol of the devices can be Rs232, Rs422, Rs485, Ethernet or Wifi. The logical protocol can be adapted for compatibility with preexisting units so that in the case of a replacement there will be no need to make any changes on the softwear applications in use.

We can also build teleindicators using LED technology. There are several options to choose from.