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Our company

Established in 1988, Ibercomp S.A. dedicates its time to the design and manufacture of microcontroller based electronic equipment. We specialize in small and medium quantity orders (from 50 to 1.000 units) and have extremely competitive prices.

Currently we have developed more than 500 designs and assembled half a million circuits.

Our product lines include a wide range of standard products that can be used in an enormous variety of industrial control projects.

We have the ability to manufacture finished devices with metallic or plastic casings with a defined IP, polycarbonate keyboards, LCD panels, Ethernet, mechanical systems, ..., therefore we offer mutual cooperation to materialize your specific requirements.

At your request, we elaborate an offer without obligation of any equipment that meets your needs. We are confident we will reach an agreement.

Our aim: Customer satisfacción and product quality

As manufacturers, we do not elaborate short-term products or with planned obsolescence. Our designs are sturdy and with a long lifespan. It gives us great satisfaction to know of customers who have purchased our products and have had them operating for decades without any incidents.

All our products undergo quality control tests and are turned on one by one, thus 100% of the products that reach the customer are in working order. During the development phase they are subjected to more restrictive situations than they will need for their normal functioning (temperature, power surges, ...).

In the product assembly process we use the European quality standards, complying with the current regulations.